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Context and Aims
Context and Need:

European road constructors, owners and maintainers need an efficient system to control the use of resources; up-to-date description of the achieved work; real-time measurements of important pavement parameters and information about as-built for effective maintenance. The objectives of the OSYRIS-project are to efficiently fill in the gaps mentioned above with work site IT infrastructure, providing easy-to-use and up-to-date technical information for all users and a line of complementary products, including novel machine sensors for pavement thickness, volume and compaction factor. Application of the system will allow better control of road life cycle, efficient site logistics, better quality of pavement, saving of resources or redundant tasks, safer and more comfortable work places. OSYRIS will create new jobs and profiles on a worksite and open a new market niche for IT.
German radio interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Gehbauer
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The objective is to develop and validate an IT infrastructure and line of aware products, to trace the road lifecycle by collecting data, processing them, and making them available to critical actors on- and off-site. Short term goal is to demonstrate the prototype system supporting production of high quality asphalt pavement, whereas the long term goal is a specification for IT presence on European road worksites. The OSYRIS products will be used to: prepare the design, update it on-site and export for next stages; measure important pavement parameters; aid machine operators and site surveyors, supporting them with up-to-date information about progress of the work; allow the contractors to efficiently control the progress and quality of work in real-time; supply owners, maintainers and recyclers with complete information about components of the road and the way it has been built, reduce the costs of construction by 5% and increase life of a road by up to 20%.
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